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just spending my time posting crap on Tumblr.

Kagerou is still going, but slowly. turns out starting writing text stories again after ten years and suddenly getting lots of practice all at once really changes how you see storytelling. like a bunch of muscles i haven't flexed in forever suddenly bulking up. it's pretty cool.

so many ideas for how to get awesomer as an artist and writer, you don't even know.…


(come see me on tumblr, y'all! It's a homestuck fanblog but you can still talk kagerou at me).

so yeah um.

  • i will be updating kagerou this sunday, and the sunday after that, for certain. By next sunday I should know if i'm ready to jump back in the 2-pages-per-week game or not. if it's a yes, then i'll lift the hiatus officially.

my work ethic makes me kinda proud--i pulled off the kind of hiatus where you still update. not at my usual 40 hours a week pace, but STILL.

  • chapter 50 is ultimately gonna squeak through at a bit under 30 pages, i think. i had to jettison about 15 pages of pencils from the times i tried to force myself back into the routine during the seemingly interminable spazzrocket ascension this past year.

do not pine for these lost pages, because they were lousy. i saved the good art bits for later, and junked the rest.

  • redoing chapter 4 for print is going to be off the table for a while--much as i want to de-horrible-ify the stuff from 11 years ago so you fine people will pay me more cashmoney for print copies, i want to keep going forward with the current story way more.

  • when i do get back to 4, however: i'll be creating something like 5 or 6 pages for the expanded remix edition that will not be going up on the site.

because greed.


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In which Tonbo finally expresses her opinion on Kano's childhood.
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Thanks to everybro who's hired me! I'll open up again when I've got through the new jobs <3
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Offering commissions is yes! $20 for a character, $25 for two characters, $30 for orgy porgy three characters. Sketchy style with colors, limited or no BG, like this:

or this:

I’ll need any reference art or descriptions for the character(s) sent in an attachment or  linked with the request. If it’s an OC, some info on the person I’m drawing is much appreciated so I can capture their personality better.

I can do chibi, full on uguu like in your animes, or my usual style (as above). I will draw non-humans with varying results. I will draw anthro. I will not draw realism because I never liked reality much. I will most certainly draw your sassy lesbian kickboxer.

my email is, and once your commission idea is written out and you have references ready, no need to wait on paying, just put the info in the payment comment/remark box, OR you can email me separately with the details, or even note me here on Tumblr.

Also: I still have 2 jobs in my queue, so the wait will be slightly longer than before. If it's not done within a month I will gleefully refund and feel shamed.

Also also: this isn't part of Operation Lesbisnatch, I just have bills and an empty bank account.

And I feel like drawing porn.

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Oh heck! Seebs just hand-me-downed his old gaming rig, and it's running windows 7. Starting tomorrow, I can get painter reinstalled and be working on art again in no time!

Thanks everybody who offered me computery stuff, i can't believe I lucked out D: Seebs is awesome and you are awesome.
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OK so as much as I love Linux, it will not play nice with my tablet, nor does it feel any love whatsoever for painter 8. I did try out MyPaint and it was pretty badass, but there's a small problem: the pages in progress are all .rif format and will not convert. I can't open existing files to edit for print using Mint. Also, Linux does not think I need to use my Cintiq's various features, such as calibration and shortcut keys, without knowing how to program command line bullshit and download third party hacks. bluhhhh. it also locks up my system if i try to switch monitors. so that's out.

I've gotten lots of input on ways to make this work without infecting my computer with windows again, but there is pretty much no getting around the painter compatibility issue, so my quest can proceed no further. So that leaves getting a new copy of Windows, then running both OS dual boot style, which suits me just fine because who wears just one boot??? It'll be Windows for the comic and various linux-hating games, and then Mint for the everything else because I'm quite fond of its failure to suck spectacularly despite a high monetary and emotional investment.

Whiiiich brings me to the next problem: finding a new copy of windows Vista or higher in my price range. Anybody getting rid of a no-longer-running licensed copy who's willing to hook a brother up? Microsoft swears you can call them to confirm that you are using the only living copy, which means you probably can't do that at all, but there are Ways and Means around this if you are an honest person who is sadly bound by red tape. Or just a cheater i guess.

Please note that as I type these words, I have a very tiny and very fuzzy orange and white tabby kitten perching on my shoulder, and he will not stop purring for love nor money. I will provide ADORABLE CATNIP PHOTOS of said beast to whoever can help me out on this.

And kill you in the comic, if you want >:D
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Welp. turns out I have to actually pay a bill for once in my life, so I need to earn a bit of dosh on the double.

Offering sketch commissions is go! $20 for a character, sketchy style with colors, limited or no BG, about like you see in these pieces:……

I'll need any reference art or descriptions for the character linked with the request. If it's an OC, a bit about the personality would not go amiss, since I like to get a feel for who I'm drawing. Plus who doesn't love to talk about their OC? :D

More than 1 character MIGHT be ok depending on the job, ping me if you want to hash something out. The main goal here is to keep the job to one sitting, so my autistic brain don't vapor lock.

Also: if you are waiting on art from previous commissionry, please let me know because it is officially AWOL as of now. I have them all marked as done, but I am paranoid because I am a scatterbrain and PayPal records are nigh-impenetrable without a specific email address to search for.

my email is, if your commission request is 1 character and you have references ready, no need to wait on paying, just put the info in the payment comment/remark box, OR you can email me separately with the details.

The first 3 or so commissions are pretty certain to be finished before X-mas, if it looks like this is wrong I will let you know ahead of time, since sometimes people buy these as presents and I'd hate to be a deadbeat santa.
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still getting set up in the new apartment. i just installed the modem and now i can DOWNLOAD FILES FROM THE INTERNET.

i am the best hacker. it's me.

expect an artdump soon.
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Finances suck ass, so I'm taking a few more sketches if anyone wants to hire me.

Fifteen bucks for the first character, twenty for a pairing, various levels of color on the sketch depending on how much I can throw onto the piece and still justifiably call it a 'sketch'. Two characters is all I've got headspace for at the moment--anything more complex, anything that takes more than one sitting, and my broken brain vapor locks.

Also, the previously stated lack of dignity is still a thing that is happening. Being broke and on the verge of eviction has a weird way of making a person rethink their squicks. Also porn is fun.

If you want to hire me: paypal to and use the little comment box at checkout to describe what you want/link to the reference material. If the box doesn't appear, send me a Note. Easy peasy!
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2 New Pages!

Pages 11-12 of Chapter 50 are posted, FINALLY.

Believe me when I say I was not enjoying the downtime. First my gallbladder exploded with gangrene (GANGRENE WTF) and had to be surgically removed, THEN I reacted badly to the anaesthetic and was passing out/asphyxiating in the recovery room and had to be admitted overnight until I could breathe on my own again, THEN I went home and spent a month recovering from the operation and waking up from the pain medication while my digestive system slowly figured out how to work again.

I'm down to scars from the operation and bad heartburn now, so that's something to celebrate. And sometime in the middle of the recovery process, while I was still turning white and almost fainting, I find out I'm being evicted from my flat. So that's where I've been, more or less, instead of updating. God did I wish I were having a nice boring July.

Seriously it's been one catastrophe after another since March. Oh well, fuck it. Let's see those pages, shall we? Quick, before something else goes wrong!
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See guys I am so committed to this comic I'm posting an update during a medical emergency. STRIPES EARNED, MOTHERFUCKS.

Speaking of which, back in a few weeks. Turns out we don't need gallbladders to live though so it's all good.
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